So, I started a blog...

Published on 13/04/2020 by Luís Correia

But before we go to that, let's quickly go back to October 2019: that's when I found out about Svelte. So what's the link between Svelte and the blog? Allow me to explain.

After getting back in touch with a friend, she mentioned Svelte as being the "next big thing". Just a few minutes later I was hooked, reading through their API documentation. That day I decided I would redo my personal website using Svelte.

I develop the first version of my personal website back in 2009. Over the course of 11 years, I went from just using static .html pages, to using ASP.Net Web Pages, classic PHP, Silex (a PHP micro-framework based on Symfony), Angular, and finally Svelte. While my past decisions on which technology stack/frameworks to use on my personal projects were mostly based on my professional career path, I am glad this one wasn't.

It took me one weekend, if I am not mistaken, to completely redo my personal website using Svelte, and damn, it was fun!

A few months later, I told that same friend that I had redone my personal website, and then she gave me a new idea: writing a blog where "you could also share some of your experiences - working life (…)".

At the time I said I would think about it, and today I finally did it. It all started by googling "create a blog with svelte" and opening the second result in the list, a tutorial/blog post in by Juan Pablo Blanco.

And now, just a few hours later (and a nice test article), here's the result.

So, today I started a blog. While I haven't really figured out what I'll write about, for now I can at least say that I am enjoying very much using Svelte (and Sapper).